Pest Control in Madison AL 

According to a publication by the Alabama Cooperative Extension on the subject of common insect and disease pests of turf grasses and ornamentals, insects and related arthropods, snails and slugs, vertebrates, plant disease agents, and weeds can all cause problems in urban landscapes. Of these, insects and related arthropods and plant disease agents are the most likely to outbreak and cause problems requiring pest control.

Madison AL is a beautiful urban area, and has been named one of the safest cities in Alabama, a US News & World Report "Top 10 Places to Grow Up", a CNN Money "Top 100 Best Places to Live", one of Family Circle's "10 Best Towns for Family", and was recognized as Google's "2013 Digital Capital of Alabama".

With all this recognition as a great place to live for families, Madison has understandably attracted attention and experienced steady growth over the last few decades. Families who own homes also enjoy having lush green lawns to relax and play on, and the last thing they want is a pest problem ruining their plans for a family picnic or football game. For effective pest control, Madison, AL residents turn to TDI Biological Lawn Services.

When you want a lawn that is beautiful, green, and healthy, you need to take advantage of the years of experience we have with effective pest control for your lawn and landscape at TDI Biological Lawn Services.

Why “biological” lawn services? Biological lawn care is a holistic approach combining the best of chemistry, physics, biology, and microbiology with sound soil management practices. It addresses and solves weed, disease and insect pest problems at their root causes, rather than merely masking the symptoms with poisonous chemicals. This leaves you with a healthy, disease free lawn that can stand up to foot traffic, increase your home’s curb appeal, and bring you hours of pleasure for years to come.

Pesticides may kill pests, but these are harsh, hazardous chemicals that are not necessary for effective pest control. There is a kinder, gentler way to manage the threat of destructive pests that threaten the health and beauty of your lawn. If you want to learn more about organic practices that offer pest control by treating the problem in the soil without using harsh chemicals that can threaten your own health and safety, give us a call today in Madison at (800) 461-6909.

We offer free service calls, 100% guaranteed results, and require no contracts to be signed. We use premium biological fertilizers for optimum soil health, and soil conditioners are included at no extra charge. Contact us today for a FREE lawn analysis.